Agro Industrial Park Case Study

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Chapter 2


This chapter presents the Goals, Function, Form, Economy and

Function As Sta. Cruz vision stated, it is one of the foundations and highly competitive in agricultural resources in the Philippines, it is normal for Sta. Cruz government to make it a potential hub for opening a new business. An activity that makes good use of natural resources and promoting the welfare of agricultural sector. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that agricultural development highly depends on “depends on the simultaneous growth of agricultural production and the value chains to which it is linked”. Basing to what is stated, it is important to create a necessary project to accommodate the concept of value chains.
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And also, time is of the essence, making the project function while it is not yet been fully made is a must. Promoting one or two of the principle of smart growth shall be guaranteed as well, such as mix land use and preserving open space which is very fundamental in the project.

Form The community surrounding is important which the design must be corresponded with the environment. The design of the Sta. Cruz Agro-Industrial Park should be sensitively embodied with nature. Sta. Cruz Agro-industrial Park shall be a show window of all latest agro-industries in the Philippines, for it is proposing a land mix use where everyone can access but with a proper permission. It shall implement a client-friendly approach which will cater all agricultural related concerns of the people of the municipality. Since the proposed project contains a smart growth concept, it consists of different blocks: private and public part. The relationship between the two mainly coincides to the other, for it is a necessary approach for the other block depends on the other blocks, for example the private block focused solely on manufacturing and exporting and the public block is the welfare of agricultural sector for the value
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The Center shall comply with the existing rules and regulations set by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the establishment of building in an area.

The agricultural sector’s lacklustre performance is also true in terms of exports. Despite improvements in the country’s agricultural foreign trade performance from 2012 to 2013 (Philippine Statistics Authority, 2015), agricultural productivity still pales in comparison to the rest of ASEAN. Based on official ASEAN data, the Philippines has one of the lowest shares of the global export market for agriculture (Agricultural Productivity).
There are many factors to consider in planning, especially in considering the budget to be used and the everyday operation of the building. The cost and proper planning as to technical and manpower requirement shall be observed for cost efficiency and effectiveness.
The cost and proper planning as to technical and manpower requirement shall be observed for cost efficiency and effectiveness. The sustainable mechanism for the establishment of the research shall be supported with an ordinance to ensure technical management and financial feasibility. Using and applying sustainable design and materials could lessen the maintenance cost of the

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