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I feel that loan officers should get credit for loans that are closed through Farm Credit Express. The reason I feel this way is because the loan officer gets punished for delinquencies and has to spend time preparing a renewal or refinance in the event the FCE member is unable to pay in a timely manner. Aside from the servicing of these loans, four customers come to mind when thinking why FCE loans should count toward incentive goals. Two of the customers are current ACA members and two of the customers were prospects. The current ACA members have come into the branch and asked if we could match an FCE express loan rate of 3.8% (less patronage) and while we’re at it go ahead and reprice their other loans in their BE down to this rate as well. After explaining the product to the members, they attempt to understand that we cannot provide that rate here at the AGSouth…show more content…
The other two customers that come to mind when thinking of why loan officers should receive credit for FCE loans are not current members of the ACA, but were being prospected. These customers actually contained me prior to going through FCE and asked what kind of rate we could do on the equipment, as they had been quoted an FCE rate, and wanted to give me a shot at matching that rate before going through FCE at the dealership level. AgSouth could not match the rate and the prospects ended up going through FCE. These are 4 customers that come to mind regarding why loan officers should get credit for Farm Credit Express loan. The four customers mentioned above could have been four additional loans with two being new BE’s. However, they took the better rate offered by FCE after giving their loan officer a shot to match the rates. Also as previously mentioned, along with FCE loans comes delinquency and the servicing of the delinquincies. This is additional work that the loan officer receives no credit for and in the event the account goes past due the loan officer’s incentive goal is

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