Aguiar's Memoir

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tell Flores three times to remove the handcuffs. Even though Aguiar was the backing officer, he was still nonetheless a field supervisor with the rank of Corporal. Aguiar wrote in his memorandum that Flores had been discourteous and disrespectful in his interaction with her. Flores claims that Aguiar was rude to her and unhelpful as the backing officer. Both parties agree that Aguiar asked Flores several times to remove the handcuffs which she did. However, Aguiar claims that Flores told him that she was arresting Mrs. Vazquez for drunk in public while Flores claims that she placed handcuffs on her for her own safety. Aguiar also claims that Flores was rude when she threw her hands up in the air as if frustrated, saying, “Fine, whatever,” while walking away.…show more content…
Agustin not call anymore for his marital problems because it is obvious the department can’t do anything to help. However, in the interviews of both Mr. Agustin and Mrs. Vazquez, they could not shed any light on the incident and could not remember what was said or what took place. Aguiar’s recollections of the events were clear, concise and had intricate details that matched the facts which were in-line with routine patrol practices. Flores’ interviews were unclear and at times argumentative or confusing while lacking facts and clarity. Nonetheless, the lack of an audio recording or other supporting evidence to determine disrespectful conduct by Flores towards Aguiar, or Mr. Agustin, relies on two different accounts of the events. While Aguiar’s account of the events and credibility appear stronger, it could be argued that Flores was merely disagreeing with Aguiar and was vigorously defending her course of action as the handling officer. Based upon the facts discovered during this investigation and a preponderance of the known evidence, I find this allegation; NOT
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