Ahern's Shield-Personal Narrative

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I remember the day it happened, just like it happened yesterday. I woke to the birds whistling, chickens clucking, and cows mooing. Just like any other day, I got out of bed changed out of my gown and into my everyday dress. I prepared breakfast for the kids, all nine of them. My husband Ahern was in the woods hunting, I knew he wouldn’t be back until that evening so I prepared to fix and mend clothes. As soon as I sat down to sew up a hole in my dress there was a knock at the door. The children scrambled each one trying to get to the door first, my youngest son won, and victoriously jerked the door open. I peered out and saw the village leader. I knew something was wrong, he never visited houses himself unless something devastating had happened.…show more content…
It was under the bed, covered in cobwebs and dust. I gently pulled it out, and dusted it off. The shield was painted red with a black horse. Ahern was very fond of horses and loved to be around them, every second of his spare time was spent with his horse. As I studied the shield I knew I had to go to battle, I was prepared to give the Kents what they deserved. I went to the blacksmith with Aherns sword and had them sharpen it. I knew the next day would be a day I would never forget. I spoke to my neighbor and she agreed to watch my children while I was gone. I knew I had a long night ahead of me and I wouldn’t get a bit of sleep. The next morning I woke to people yelling instead of birds, chickens, and cows. I rose from bed, dressed and left with Aherns shield and sword in hand. I had to go out back to get his horse, she was jumpy, and she knew something was wrong. I never rode her, only Ahern. I jumped on the horse and rode to meet the rest of the villagers that were going to battle. Everyone from the village knew we would come back victorious, we, the Wessexs, were very large compared to the Kent’s. I knew this battle wouldn’t last more than three days but I knew I would miss my children. I did not say goodbye because I knew they would ask questions and I did not want them to know what had happened to Ahern just yet. Before long we were off, Kent wasn’t far away so it would

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