Ahge The Caveman Analysis

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Ahge the caveman was unlike any other caveman. He did things different than his ancestors. He felt as if he understood the world better. For years he felt he didn 't belong. His cousins were so mean to him. They would make fun of him because he had a different way of thinking. They would tell him he wasn 't normal and he didn’t belong to their family. Ahge began to believe them so he decided to try and find the family he belonged to. He left the next night when his family was sleeping. He knew there was a big chance he could die on this journey, but he had to know the truth about himself. As he traveled he met a new friend, buffalo. He met buffalo, when he tried to eat him for dinner. Buffalo told Ahge all the terrifying stories about the…show more content…
Ahge told the hunter about their journey to find where they belong. The hunter understood there plan to find where they belonged and wanted to joined them on their journey. The hunter taught and showed the caveman so many new things he 's never heard or seen before. The hunter told him about the totem poles they have at their camp. He told them they explained their story. They all decided they were going to make themselves a totem pole so people would understand them and their story better. As the caveman was making his totem pole he was engraving three different sized circles right above one another. That night a terrible storm came in, and pushed the engraved circles through the wood and created holes in the wood. As they watched the storm, they noticed an unfamiliar noise the totem pole made when the wind went through the holes. The caveman was confused and curious about the odd noise, so he grabbed a smaller piece of wood and carved three circles out of it, all different sizes. As he blew through the holes he noticed each sized hole produced a different sound. He didn 't exactly know what to think of this new discovery he had made, so he began to share his discovery with everyone he has seen. They decided to call this unfamiliar sound,
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