Ahmad Suradji: What Makes A Serial Killer

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Have you ever wondered what makes someone a serial killer? Usually the words obsessive, power hungry, and lack of guilt are key when defining a serial killer. These traits all correspond with the serial killer Ahmad Suradji, also known as the sorcerer. Ahmad was born in January of 1994 in Indonesia. He lived with his father, who was a well known cattle breeder. Ahmad was a troubled child, frequently getting in fights and stealing, and was first arrested for theft at the age of 19. Ahmad always looked up to his father and liked to follow him around. He had a very close relationship with his father, until his father died when Ahmed was in his early adulthood. After the death of his father Ahmad pursued the job of the towns sorcerer. Indonesians…show more content…
Suradji shows symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder that can cause people to hear or see things that are out of the normal. For example Ahmad claimed he had a conversation with his late father where he told Ahmad to kill 70 women. This is an obvious sign of schizophrenia because he is having hallucinations that he can talk to his dead father. Another example of schizophrenia he displayed is that he thought he was a sorcerer and could actually use magic. He believed that drinking his victims saliva and burying their body's so that their heads faced his house would actually give him power. Ahmad had developmental problems around his early adulthood or Erikson's stage 6, because that was around the time his father died. The death of his father is what most likely triggered him to start acting out, because he was very close with his father when he was younger. This is also why he felt the need to take his father's advice during his hallucination of him telling Ahmed to kill all those women, because he was motivated to not let him down and wanted to make him proud. When comparing Ahmed to Freud's theory, he uses his Id to make decisions, because he was only thinking about his needs of gaining power and pleasing his father, rather than thinking about what would be

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