Ai Weiwei: A Hero

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According to (2014), A Hero "is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities". A person can rarely be called a hero if they are not brave. If this person is not able to speak up or act in a way that backs his cause or defends it because of fear of the consequences then they are not considered a hero since they lack valor. A hero to me is someone who recognizes the consequences of their heroic actions and is committed to continuing their cause until the truth comes out even if it means suffrage to them since that displays how truly courageous they are. (2014) states that initially the word hero derives from both the Greek as "hērōs" or Latin "Heros"; it was first used in the 14th century.…show more content…
Similarly, Wael Ghonim is labeled as an international pro-democracy figure, Wael is famous for being the man who sparked the Arab spring. Ai Weiwei's was born on August 28th 1957 in Beijing, although he spent his early childhood in a labor camp after his family got exiled during The Anti-Rightist Movement. Ai lived in Xinjiang for 16 years until finally returning to Beijing. He studied art in several schools in the United States before returning to…show more content…
They were both brave enough to speak and fight against their government to unveil the truth to their people and fight for what is right. There are many influential people around the world who stood against corruption caused by their governments. Nonetheless, for two conventional citizens who have no influence over others to do the same is incredible. These men used their humanity to touched thousands of people to stand with them during hard times and help them with their

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