Aia Air Insurance Case Study

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AIA Bhd, formerly known as American International Assurance Bhd. A leading isurer in Malaysia as a longer insurer operate in Malaysia where this company have been advantaged to do business and operated the business since 1948. With the longer time in delivery the service regarding the service based company, this compnay consist a large numbers or many agency of close to 17 000 members that officially registered under the American International Assurance which includes our exclusive bank partner branches as well as corporate. AIA offer a high quality product and service to the customer through out 14 states as as a whole Malaysia state. With the large numbers o agency, AIA is considered well establish and can be trursted by the customer to…show more content…
The four sections are follows:

Section I – Fire Insurance this policy provides protection against loss of or damage to property insured caused by Fire, Lightning including the following extended perils
• Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage.
• Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes. (Excess – the first RM1,000.00 of each and every loss. Where sum insured is less than RM50,000, the excess may be reduced to 1% of sum insured but subject to a minimum of RM100.00).
• Explosion
For extended peril coverage, kindly note that there are specific exclusions, limitations and excess clauses under the respective extended perils.

Section II – Burglary & Robbery Insurance
1) Loss of or damage to Property Insured under Section I
Protection against loss of stock-in-trade, furniture, fixture and equipment within the insured premises by Robbery or Burglary or any such attempt. The policy also covers damage to building, renovation and property insured under Section
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This term refers to the use of physical evidence to design service environments. Due to the intangibility of services, customers often have trouble evaluating the quality of service objectively. As a result, consumers rely on the physical evidence that surrounds the service to help them form their evaluations. Hence, the service scape consists of ambient conditions such as room temperature and music; inanimate objects that assist the firm in completing its tasks, such as furnishings and business equipment; and other physical evidence such as signs, symbols, and personal artefacts such as family pictures and personal collections. The use of physical evidence varies by the type of service firm. Service firms such as hospitals, resorts, and childcare

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