Aida Opera Analysis

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Aida is an Opera that consists of four acts. This story, written by Giuseppe Verdi, is about the love between the ethiopian princess, Aida, and an Egyptian General and it takes place in ancient Egypt. In Act one starts out with Radames, who is a young egyptian warrior, finding out that war with the Ethiopians is inevitable. Radames and Aida are both secretly in love with each other but neither of them can confess because Amneris is also in love with Radames. The King, who is also the father of Aida, says that Radames is the man that was chosen by the goddess Isis as leader of the army, and then declares war. At the end of this act Aida is torn between her love for her father, her country, and Radames. Act two starts out in the chamber of Amneris where Radames dances and celebrates his victory. Aida arrives in the chamber and Amneris begins speaking to her. She informs Aida of the news that Radames has been killed in battle, which is a lie, and Aida responds by confessing her love for him. Amneris fills with rage and leaves the chamber. After that the scene changes to the city of Thebes where Radames returns from war and the kind speaks and says that Radames may have anything he wishes. The Ethiopian captives are then rounded up and the king sentences them all to death. Radames tries to save the prisoners by letting them all free as a reward from the king. Next is act three where Aida and Radames confess their love for each other and he plans to marry and flee to the desert

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