Aids Persuasive Speech

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Last year there was 1.1 million people in America with Aids and it started going around the world fast, Gay, Bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSMa), particularly young black/African American methylsulfonylmethane, are most seriously affected by HIV.

Now there is 1.2 million people in America with this disease, more and more boys are turning gay and bisexual every 7 hours. People with Aids is going around and raping little teenagers, and what the teenagers don 't know is that the person that raped them might have Aids and they is about to go spread it around to other boys. And then you blame it on the boys you slept with because you found out that you have this disease. Then you gay boys go around and give other gay boys this disease. This is what you call nasty this is a deadly disease that can take you away from this planet.
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The government should be considering making an antidote for the people that they have experimented on and going around spreading it to other people and give them the antidote so that they can get cured. They should think about people who is living a good life, and little children who is getting sick and dying from this disease because they don 't have the medicine. They just need to stop because this is a sin towards the government and the gay people that have gotten this disease and given this disease to other people who can 't get rid of this disease. The government doesn 't tell us what they are doing, they tell us everything is alright and tell us what we want to hear. They should step up and be the bigger person and stop doing such a thing that just making life for them hard and miserable for them to

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