Aiken Crown Jewelers

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The purpose of the interview assignment is to determine what information is useful to a local business, understand how they use the concepts taught in the classroom, and see how it is used in a real business for real decision making to understand how businesses apply accounting into their work to help the business succeed. Aiken Crown Jewelers, also known as Floyd and Green, has been in business for almost 25 years, but it was not always named that. After working at Galloway & Moseley (G&M) in 1989, the three coworkers, Steve Floyd (manager), Mark Greene (jeweler), and Ron Leitzel (financial backer), wanted to go into business together and later bought G&M in August of 1992, splitting the business into thirds in early 1993 and becoming the new owners of…show more content…
I began working for this company in Christmas as a temporary seasonal gift wrapper, and then was later asked this January to become part of their staff and was offered a part time job. For the assignment, I spoke to Ms. Caroline Andrews, who has been working for Floyd & Green for the past 20 some years as their accountant. She describes accounting as a problem-solving puzzles that she enjoys solving and not just debits and credits. She goes on in stating how accounting at Floyd & Green is taking the information, finding the trend, and helping management deal with it. She goes on by saying how she translates the information to what the company needs to watch for or pay attention to if something goes wrong so it can be corrected easily. I enjoyed the way Ms. Caroline described accounting as a puzzle it made it a more interesting way to understand what she does and how she uses accounting to help management benefit. I asked her what a day worked looked like she went on to tell me about all the balance sheets, profit, and loss, cash flow charts, cost of goods sold and many other reports she does not only daily but monthly and yearly. Every month she creates a personalized profit and loss report to be
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