Aileen Wuornos Serial Killers

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abandoned him with his own psychopathic thoughts. Dahmer murdered his first victim during his childhood. Just after graduating Revere High School in June 1978, Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and took him back to his parents’ house. Dahmer got the young man drunk and eventually murdered him. Aileen Wuornos, one of the most notorious female killers is responsible for killing 7 men. Wuornos tried to claim that it was self-defense, but courts still found her guilty. Aileen Wuornos was born into a young, troubled marriage. Aileen’s mother would eventually abandon her, and her father was a psychopathic child molester who hanged himself in prison. Aileen and her brother, Keith were left to be raised by their grandparents. Like Ted Bundy, for some time, Aileen did not know her adoptive parents were her grandparents. Aileen’s grandmother was an alcoholic, and her grandfather was a violent, angry man. Her grandparents, as well as her brother, were sexually and physically abusive. Aileen got pregnant at 14, she later claimed that her brother was the father due to forced sexual situations. Wuornos was sent away to a home for teenage mothers, she stayed there until the baby was born and put up for adoption. By the age of 15, Wuornos was kicked out of her family’s house and began…show more content…
Nurture debate is concerned with whether certain behavioral traits are inherited or acquired. The Nature side argues that people are born either good or bad, they are born pre-wired with influence of genetic inheritance. The Nurture side argues that people are good or bad based on experiences. Nature and Nurture are the two main schools of thoughts today, ruling out reasoning that isn’t scientific. Although many experts are beginning to believe that both biological and environmental factors play a role in behavioral traits, the main debates today are over intelligence, homosexuality and 'the psycho
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