Aime Bender Short Story

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Aimee Bender is a short story writer who often features children in her stories with gifts that can be seen as either a positive or negative ailments, she leaves the interpretation up to the readers. In Benders short story “The Healer” tells the story of three girls one with a fire hand, one with an ice hand, and a “normal” girl. This story shows how having balance is ideal and being to passionate or to apathetic is a disadvantage. Aimee Bender utilizes the characterization and relationships of the narrator, the fire girl, and the ice girl to present the idea that passion and suffering with numbness and healing are two halves of the same whole. Fire and ice are natural opposites and Bender represents this with the girl with the ice hand and the girl with the fire hand. In the story they are complete opposites the fire girl sat in the back row in class and the ice girl sat in the front row, the fire girl would help people with bad things like lighting cigarettes and the ice girl would help people…show more content…
In this story fire represent passion and feelings, ice represents being cold and emotionless. Bender shows that the fire girl has feelings in the story multiple times, one example is Lisa bought fire girl a log for Christmas and when she received the gift she started crying. Another example is when Roy and fire girl were dating Lisa described the fire girl as looking happy. In contrast, when the narrator would describe the ice girl she would say things like she looked gloomy and as having no expression. The ice girl even admits to having no emotion “I guess I never told you, but I feel nothing. I just feel ice,” (Bender 132). This shows why she did not help the fire girl; the ice girl did not care if the fire girl was suffering with her fire being too
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