Aimee Morrison Some Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing Analysis

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To Perceive or do Not to Perceive According to the Aimee Morrison’s essay "Some Things, You'Re Better Off Not Knowing ... Thoughts on RateMyProfessors.Com,” students with various attitudes and personal experiences who were taught by their professors previously end up rating them. Some students express their, frustrations by talking about their emotional feelings, whether positive or negative, while others endeavor to get revenge on the professor by writing disrespectful and humiliating remarks. On the other hand, when one describes the professor’s teaching style, it is one of the opportunities to deliver the message to the public. It can also be effective and informative for others when students attempt to pick the right teacher who fits their needs and professional goals. I would agree with Aimee’s Morrison statements that some of the ratings on Rate My Professor are emotional, unprofessional, and at the same time this information can be handy for those who use this website wisely. First, author wrights that rating comments could influence the emotions of professors who are being rated. It might be true because some professors have better coping skills verses others that are unable to cope with offensive comments left behind and the nasty remarks will…show more content…
She asked if this tool of student empowerment helps to better navigate undergraduate course selection. In my opinion, over the years the Rate My Professor platform has become one of the cultural aspects of students who try to pick the best quality teacher, the way Facebook and MySpace have become an element of digital culture that encourages the public sharing of private personal information. On the other hand, it can be confusing if the students miscalculate how to utilize information from RMP wisely. Regular visitors of such sites are already aware of what is truly worth attention and comments that they can just
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