Ain T I A Woman Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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America is known as “land of the free and home of the brave”, but that is not our nation now and it was never like that. We are an unequal nation but we are known as a free nation but that is not the truth. Civil liberty issues of the American past have not been resolved due to the new division based on ethnicity , inequality based on gender, and the discrimination based on color. Slavery is the most famous topic in World History and will be for many years ahead. In the speech “What To The American Slave Is Your ‘4th of July?’” Douglass uses pathos by talking about “chains, heavy” and “bleeding children”. The use of pathos gives emotion to the speech in order for the audience to connect for the emotional appeal. The speech was given in 1852 when slavery was still going on; this shows that America was not free because there were still slaves. Slavery was not abolished 13 years after that speech was delivered and there is tension starting between whites and blacks again. In the speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” Sojourner uses rhetorical questions that talk about “negroes’ rights” in order to prove her…show more content…
In the speech “Ain’t I a Woman” Sojourner Truth uses logos by stating her everyday schedule by “ploughed and planted” but “no man could head me!”. This is the perfect example on how women work hard everyday but do not get enough credit. America is make men supreme while women do most of the work but do not get the credit for it. The speech “On Women’s Rights to Vote”, Anthony uses epistrophe of “we” to show that we are not we. The whole paragraph states that we are not we because the people who formed the Union were white men. White men had all the control over the whole nation while everyone worked hard for the position they knew they were not going to get. Women’s rights and Men’s rights were unequal and still are to this day because men have more rights than women to this
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