Air And Land Pollution In Azerbaijan

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The world suffer from the pollution majorly air and land pollution. Also Baku faces these two issues. The oil and soil industry, power plants, vehicles produce toxic gasses, also wastes for the land. These pollutions have very damages for the population of Baku. Industrialization and urbanization have resulted in negative influences in the air quality in Baku areas for many years. Currently, the main pollution in Baku is from vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, gas and oil industries, power plants, chemical steel, medium size enterprise. Historically, the percent of emission in Baku was 30-40. Then the number of cars increase but emission is not increase parallel because old vehicles used poor quality petrol but now cars use petrol in more good quality. On the other hand how cars number increase also emission increase generally. Nowadays transport emissions are eighty percent of the emissions. From 2010 Azerbaijan government has given the rule for reducing transport emissions. This implementation was about the euro emission standards and then the environmental legislation decrease vehicles emission significantly. The receiving of Euro-4 standard crucially limits the import of used vehicles into Azerbaijan has been used to decrease the cars emissions and develop the environmental condition in the country. During the past century mostly chemical and heavy industry, including oil, gas chemical, also light and food industries produce the big air pollution and

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