Air Canada Flight 797 Case Study

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1- Air Canada flight 797. Air Canada Flight 797 was a projected trans-border flight that hovered from Dallas/Fort Worth Global Airport to Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau Global Airport, alongside an intermediate halt at Toronto Pearson Global Airport. On 2 June 1983, the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 working the ability industrialized an in-flight fire behind the washroom that range amid the beyond skin and the inner decor panels, filling the plane alongside toxic smoke. The spreading fire additionally blazed across critical mechanical cables that knocked out most of the instrumentation in the cockpit, compelling the plane to redirect to an alternative landing field. Ninety seconds afterward the plane arrived and the doors were opened, the warmth…show more content…
The air traffic controller who had cleared TWA to "1,000 on top" was harshly disapproved, as he had not counseled Captains Gandy and Shirley about the potential for a traffic conflict following the clearance. The controller was openly blamed for the accident by both airlines and was vilified in the press, but he was cleared of each wrongdoing. As Charles Carmody (the then-assistant ATC director) testified across the investigation, neither flight was legally under the control of ATC when they collided, as both were "off airways". The controller was not required to issue a traffic conflict advisory to either pilot and was, in fact, prohibited from doing so; the accident was particularly alarming in that public confidence in air travel had increased during the 1950s with the introduction of new airliners like the Super Constellation, Douglas DC-7, and Boeing Stratocruiser. Travel by air had become routine for large corporations, and vacationers often considered flying instead of traveling by train. At the period a congressional group was studying internal air excursion, as there was producing concern above the number of accidents. Though, slight progress was being made and the state of ATC at the period of the Grand Canyon accident imitated the methods of the

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