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The afternoon of January thirteenth in 1982 change the aviation system forever. Air Florida flight 90 was scheduled to take off in Washington D.C. and land in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The airplane did not make it to the destination, it stop working in mid air after less than one mile from the airport and 20 seconds in the air. There are many conspiracy theories around the accident but they are irrelevant and in this paper I am going to try to explain in an understandable way all that happened that tragic day. I will explain that there are many factors that led to the accident affecting hundreds of people.

The Flight was operated by Air Florida and it was “Delayed by one hour and forty five minutes due to a heavy snowfall which necessitated the temporary closing of the airport” (National transportation safety board ) but it took off anyway at four o’clock in the afternoon, the aircraft stop working in midair twenty seconds after that and started to go down with no power until it hitted the fourteenth bridge and sank in the Potomac river Killing seventy eight people between passengers, crew members and people in the bridge.
The rescuers had a lot of trouble taking people out of the river because “Helicopter of the U.S park police aviation was not designed for heavy rescue work but they were decide to do help” (National Geographic Network) and “Terrible traffic in Washington that day made it difficult for rescue workers to reach the scene” ( .
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Two people in particular emerged as heroes during the rescue: Arland Williams
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This is an example of cases where an error is made by a group of people. The team's decision is not always shared by all members. An opinion or idea of a member can become a team's decision although other members have different opinions or

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