Air Force Persuasive Speech

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We are hear to speak to you about the light language which is open for discussion on our light ships in the coming months.

We are hear for you in an array of sparkling white and blue light.

We are the Ascended Christ like beings of stature as in the picture above.

We ask that you spread the good news and extend the energies to those who are open to these gifts of healing and wisdom from the teachings of the ancients.

You all have the ability to transcend all doubt and fear, to rise above the mundane on your planet.

We ask only that you open to God's love and light. We serve the light of God, we are hear for the duration of the planet's homecoming.

You are a vital part of this homecoming energy which is to propel your human condition
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As many are now bringing forth similar messages we celebrate in the light realms this abundant energy which is making itself known on Earth.

The experiences people have on your planet such as time slipping. (Time out of time) where you are one place and then show at your destination earlier than expected, without remembering the road you traveled.

We are teaching you to get used to moving between the two worlds of dimentional travel.

One such experience, a bright light beamed the whole car, I thought it was the moon, however it was not, then I was on one strip of the road miles and miles from my destination and then poof, I was only 1 mile from my destination. How could this be? "I asked myself," haha my guides are showing me again how we can slip time.

May the beauty of the light realms envelop you in their love and wonder. Be kind to one another, plant the seeds of greatness, hold stedfast to your dreams. We now take our leave beloveds.

Lamed Lamed Hey ) LaLAHe זַמְּ Governs love, renown, science, arts and fortune. Call upon one of God's angels to assist you with your love, arts, and fortune. Be well, love light and blessings.

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