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Shoes have always been around since the dawn of time. There have been many designs come along with this as there is so many different shoe designers who create shoes. Everybody has there own taste on what type of shoe they like and what feels more comfortable to them. This is exactly what that website is aimed to do so if you want to know what shoe for playing basketball or even just a casual shoe to wear, this is the right place for you. Back in the day shoes were not made intended to be high quality but more of a necessity. Today, shoes are worn for comfort, design, color, and even lifespan of the shoe. I've always been a fan of collecting certain types of shoes just because of the design itself and the overall style as well and sometimes this is exactly what customers are looking for. They even have a custom shoe builder on almost all shoe companies you can think of. Nike is one of those companies and it's a great way to let
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Air Jordan is another brand that is famous for it's Michael Jordan dunk logo in the All-Star game. Reebok is another well known logo and is also worn by many athletes today. Finally, Adidas are the shoes that never get enough rep for there shoe game even though they are just as good as Nike's because the players who wore them were not widely known for being phenom's like LeBron, Jordan, or Wall. Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard are four of the big names who wear Adidas today. In order from the best basketball shoe to the okay basketball shoe, in my opinion it would be Nike in 1st, Jordan in 2nd, Adidas in 3rd, and Reebok in 4th. You could make a case for Jordan in 1st as well because overall Nike and Jordan are the best and most widely known shoes worldwide. In the website we will cover the shoe collection for each pair, historical background for each, what each brand represents and it's origin, and pictures of shoe design as

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