Air Jordan Vii Analysis

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In 1992, after the accomplishment of the Air Jordan VI and Michael Jordan 's first NBA Championship, Tinker Hatfield proceeded with his development in the Air Jordan line with the Air Jordan VII which was inspired by West African Tribal society and in part by the Nike Huarache basketball shoe line. The AJ VII had a more brilliant, more insignificant, and more lightweight design than past Air Jordans. Unlike the previous Air Jordans where the air bubble was visible, this was not the case with the AJ VII. The translucent outsole and prominent Nike logo (aside from on the insole) were also modified differently than previous AJ. Michael Jordan wore the Olympic-inspired version of the VII as he drove the "Dream Team" to a Gold Award at the 1992 summer games in Barcelona. That match highlighted the number 9 on the heel, mirroring MJ 's shirt number on Group USA. MJ won his 6th straight scoring title while wearing the AJ VII and was again named first group All-NBA, first group All-Guard and a Top pick for the seventh second straight time. He was voted class MVP for the second time in a row and won his second NBA Title ring and Finals MVP with the Bulls.…show more content…
While the objective of the Huarache-roused VII was light weight, the VIII depended on cross-straps and a higher cut to provide the ultimate in cushioned support. Noted in the article:
Michael was once again chosen as first team All-NBA, first team All-Defense and made his eight consecutive All-Star game. In the Air Jordan VIII Michael scored 32.6 points per game to collect his seventh straight league scoring title. He was named NBA finals MVP for the third straight year while collecting his third championship ring with the Bulls

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