Air Pollution And Asthma

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A very serious and possibly life threatening effect is asthma. The role of air quality and asthma play hand and hand together. They both directly affect each other. In my research it states, “Air pollution plays a well-documented role in asthma attacks, however, the role air pollution plays in initiating asthma is still under investigation and may involve a very complex set of interactions between indoor and outdoor environmental conditions and genetic susceptibility” (Asthma And Air Pollution). Air pollution and asthma are connected it also, has a part in causing the attacks. Which is important to know about this health concern. We need to stop the health hazards and many health concerns that come with air quality, which is why we must avoid…show more content…
In the article from my research it said, “There are 75 million American communities that are living with unhealthy air. In addition, the EPA reports that half of the 115,000 schools in the United States have problems linked to indoor air quality. So it’s not too surprising that 6.8 million American children have asthma, and the number is climbing” (Boyle, Megan). Millions of people have to live with unhealthy air. There’s also horrible that the children problems are caused by the condition of the air quality at the school they attend. Surprising higher percentage of children with asthma, which is, only continues to increase. This is a very serious problem that needs to handle for a better outcome. These problems should not even be a problem because students have a right to breathe clean air. Kids are affected in multiply ways other than just health. Having a poor cause low attending in schools this is how they are affected. In article by the EPA it states, “Nearly 1 in 13 children of school-age has asthma, the leading cause of school absenteeism due to chronic illness” (Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important to School EPA). The kids are missing school because they have illness that is preventing them from attending school. There are many children that have asthma is missing out school because their asthma is being affected by the air quality. If we had better air quality then there would as many kids school. This why air quality should at standard for people the breath comfortably. It is program to help with improving the
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