Air Pollution In China Case Study

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2 Brief History of China
China is considered to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its history is very long and could be divided into three main periods: Ancient China (2100–256 BC), Imperial China (221 BC–AD 1911) and Modern China (1912–present).
During thousands of years many dynasties have changed until the year of 1911 when the monarchy was repealed. In 1912 was established the Republic of China which turned into People’s Republic of China in 1949. (, 2015)

2.1 History of Technical and Economical Development
Until 19th century China was one of the largest economies, however, around 1850 there was a period of de-industrialisation and GDP started to decline. In the middle of 20th century economy raised for a while but it was not stable and it did not last for long. (Song, 2010)
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In the time of economic growth everyone focused only on this topic, no one thought about environmental issues which are now China’s biggest problem. (Agenda - The World Economic Forum, 2015)

3 Air Pollution in China
One of the most serious urban environmental problems in China is probably air pollution.
Pollution in recent years has been so heavy that many Chinese cities could be found at the top of the list of the most polluted cities in the world . Nowadays, we can observe some improvement in the quality of the air in China , however, air pollution still remains an important environmental issue. (Ahearn, 2011)

3.1 History of Air Pollution
Problems with deterioration in air quality appeared after Industrial Revolution and during the period when cities started to grow. In 20th century when country began getting rich, standard of living increased and more and more people moved to the urban areas. (Ahearn, 2011)
Current air pollution is the result of very quick industrialization, urbanization and increasing usage of vehicles (the main contributor). (Zhang and Samet,
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