Air Pollution In China

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Summary "an air pollution catastrophe" happened in China because of its rapid industrialization. China achieves high economic growth but also led to veiled skies of toxic air and cause health problems. It also leads environmental degradation. This book provides an overview of China’s air pollution problem and describes how and why China is dealing with such a terrible situation as well as the government’s doing to address the problem. It will be difficulties to attempt to reduce the pollution. In addition, the analysis is based on both academic studies and grey literature. Looking at the grey literature will help us listen to the voice of who suffer from the pollution to allows the reader to have a better grasp the condition on the ground.…show more content…
The amount of air pollution is huge, for example, the PM25 had an average reading of 393 in Hebei from January to February 2013, compared to the World Health Organization guidelines recommend that PM25 should less than 10. The proportion of the population exposed to a PM25 in China is increasing from 2000 to 2012, which is higher than the United Kingdom and United Stated of America. Because of the demand of rapid industrialization, it required the high level of coal energy in the factory, but the factory’s boiler blowdown system is not complete. There is still a large number of factory do not have decontamination plant for their drain outlet, which is mean the polluted air will directly into the air. In addition, it still happens that millions of Chinese residents who uses the fire coal energy for personal use. Mostly, the resident will also directly exhaust waste gas without and clean system. Moreover, another major source of air pollution in China is vehicle emissions. The huge population and economic development created a high demand for vehicles. The number of car ownership is rapid increasing from 1993 to now. However, China has much lower emission standards for the vehicle, the MEP said that 7.8 percent of the cars on the roads do not meet even the current minimum national emission standards. In addition, the container ship emission, indoor air pollution, and fireworks also are sources of the air pollution. The air pollution has lots of impact for the society and each Chinese people. It will increase the economic costs of air pollution, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning estimated the cost for the pollution and damage to the ecosystem increased to USD 230 billion in 2010, which is 3.5 percent of the GDP. Furthermore, it also impacted on people’s health. Air pollution will cause the high probability of lung cancer and premature deaths. The fertility
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