Air Pollution Literature Review

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Literature Review Urban cities in developing countries have several factors that cause problems for sustainable transportation systems. Malaysia is a developing country, the population growth, high income and rapid urban growth and urbanization have headed to an increase in travel demand. In addition, Malaysia’s economy is growing rapidly so most people own private vehicles and hence the population of the vehicles is also expanded. Plus with the overly crowded roads with all types of vehicles and passengers, traveling at different speeds is the current state of Malaysia road would increase the CO2 emission. Air pollution and other environmental hazards are also another concern. But all of it is contributing in increasing the effect of greenhouse gas in Malaysia. According to a report released by the Department of Environment Malaysia (2010), Malaysia 's CO2 emissions are mostly due to transportation activities which are at 97.1%. These include the releasing CO2 from motor vehicles both vehicles owned by individuals, business-owned vehicles and also form public transportations. There are over 19 million registered vehicles in the country with a total estimated emissions of…show more content…
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