Air Pollution Of The Philippines In The Philippines

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Air Pollution is considered as one of the biggest contributing factors to the degradation of Mother Earth, and for the Philippines every waking day of a person’s life the matter of ‘gas’ is a part of it. According to an article Source of Air pollution "By inhaling a large amount of air pollution in one’s body system, it can cause serious diseases and in worst case scenarios can lead to death" (2013, par. 1). Having a contaminated air that every living organisms including humans is breathing, air pollution therefore creates a threat to the health and well being of the youth of Filipinos whether it is for short or long term illness. Although pollution is consists of water, air, soil, noise, and light these types of pollution all lead to environmental pollution and together is created because of the numerous activities of humanity. Pollution as stated above is continuingly creating a ripple effect to humanity, the living organisms, animals, and the environment. However, the impact to mother earth is far worst. The result of pollution can be seen all throughout the Philippines. By throwing trash and things such as plastic that cannot be dissolved on water therefore creates water pollution on the bodies of water. Creating unnecessary noise and light are creating pollution, also trashing the soil that can lead to acid rain. Moreover, preventing this phenomenon is hard because the Philippines especially earth in totality is far from recovering its true form. Air pollution out of

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