Air Pollution Problems

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The major problem faced by city peoples are health issues due to poor air quality. It is also 5th biggest reason behind the death of people in India. Talking about the capital, around 80 deaths occur per day due to air pollution. Particulate matter is smaller than our hair diameter, which is about 60microns. As a result, it goes deep inside lungs and damage bronchitis that are helpful for breathing. The problem is that it causes breathing problem like asthma which is one of major problem in Delhi and not to forget about lung cancer. Ozone which is formed at ground level by reaction between nitrogen oxides and sunlight causes damage to bronchitis and cause permanent lung damage. This pollutant is dangerous for children and old peoples. Rise…show more content…
Which leads to more number of road accidents and causes human loss. Smoking is also major issue, as around ten thousand deaths in Delhi occurs due to smoking. It can damage your lungs permanently. Lungs transports the oxygen to different parts of our body through bronchi which is like branches of tree and alveoli. Alveoli is like leaves of tree and is in huge number in our lungs. It has capability to cover an entire football pitch (Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema, 2017). The problem is, when a person smoke, it causes damage to it and apparently to lungs. It is currently causing problem even to non-smoker. Due to high population, development activities like construction of houses and roads, factories and transport is necessary for people. But one also needs to take care of surrounding. A lot of destruction to environment has been done, as a result they are facing this situation. Deforestation is also one of factor for air pollution. Also, some external factors are due to burning of crops in Punjab. Due to the wind direction, the gases flew through the city and causes pollution. Implementation of rules is taking much more time and still due to lack of efforts from people, problem is getting
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