Air Pollution Research Paper

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Air pollution is everywhere and the polluted air can be very harmful for human. Based on Air Pollutant Index of Malaysia, the air pollutant included are ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and suspended particulate matter which less than 10 microns in size or more well known as PM10. Fine particulate matter is one of the key global pollutants affecting human health such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other related diseases. This portable air monitoring devices are developed in order to help the public monitor their air quality. This device is low-cost in term of device and components also it is easy to use. Generally, this device detects PM when the particles enter the sensor box and…show more content…
Particulate matters are the most dangerous to human health. This is because the sizes of particles are directly linked to potential of health problems as it is within the respirable range. The respirable range is a particle with a diameter of 10 micrometers or smaller that does not exceed more than PM0.1 can easily pass through human respiratory system and deposit there. Therefore, once it is inhaled it can affect the heart and lungs, which lead to serious health effects especially to those who have asthma. Thus, with this air quality monitoring system human can prevent health problems. This portable monitoring system also helps public to monitor their air quality anytime and…show more content…
The device work by filtering the dust into the sensor. The particle from the dust that are generated by the heater resistor pass through its sensing point, the light receptor will receive the scattered light and transform it into pulse signal (known as Low Pulse Occupancy Time, LPO time) which proportional to PM concentration. If the sensor detect PM10, the LED will be ON, buzzer sound for unhealthy level and LCD will display the reading as shown in Table 1. Next, Figure 4, show the comparison of sample data tested along with EVM-7. EVM-7 is a certified device use by KKM that can measure particulate matter and many more. It use 90 deg light scattering photometer to measure the particulate. It was tested in a moving car with the ventilation air is open and accelerate for about 20-30km/hour. The testing take place around campus of UiTM Shah Alam. The data for EVM-7 show a linear increase but for proposed device of DM10 shows an unstable data. This might be happened because of the placement of the proposed device not at a suitable

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