Air Pollution: Summary: Different Types Of Pollution

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It is all around known that the Earth is getting dirtier, hotter, more populated and artificial. With one word, we call it pollution. And the main cause? It is us.
We pollute the nature on many different areas, therefore there are many different kinds of pollution. We are all familiar with air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution. But many of us including myself are not aware or haven’t been aware of pollution types like noise pollution, light pollution, visual pollution, personal pollution and I believe we could find even more kinds.
The most familiar type of air pollution is the smoke we can see crawling above factories and cities. We are also aware that the air traffic and traffic in general is a huge factor of the air
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They are all connected one by another. Let’s take a case that the air is polluted – the rain falls and pollute rivers, lakes, seas and soil. It is all connected in a circle that can’t be stopped.
As I mentioned before, there are also less known types of pollution. Noise pollution is caused by all sorts of traffic, concerts and any types of economy activities that produce noise. Light pollution is caused by large cities, advertising and night time entertaining. Visual pollution is defined as any kind of an ugly, unattractive view and it is also caused by advertising, billboards, powerlines and so on. The last one is the personal pollution which basically presents bad lifestyle, it is a pollution of our body. It includes smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, bad living conditions and many more.
One of the largest victims according to pollution are animals and plants. Every day they lose their habitants, they get injured and ill because of the trash and toxic substances we are releasing in the nature. Animals are confused because of so much lightning; they do not have a feeling of time anymore. Archaeologists have found out that there were five bigger animal extinctions in the Earth’s history, while nowadays thousands of species are endangered and have becomeextinct. Acid rain can immediately harm millions of plants and strong UV can harm animals and plants, too. They do not cause pollution but they carry more consequences than

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