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. As far as I am concerned, I think waste pollution, air pollution, and water pollution are important issues in our daily life. For these three issues, I consider air pollution is the most important and needs to be solved as soon as possible. Firstly, air pollution affects the health of people and animals. We need to breathe fresh air every day to maintain our survival. If the air is polluted, people will breathe a lot of harmful gases, and these toxic gases will lead to disease. As a result, health will be threatened. Secondly, if the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is too high for a long time, it will increase the temperature of the atmosphere and change the climate. This process leads to the emergence of the greenhouse effect. So,…show more content…
I consider these issues are relatively major because their harm to the environment and population is enormous. Firstly, air and water provide some essential conditions for population. If they are overly polluted, this will lead to reduction in biodiversity and the extinction of species. Secondly, waste pollution is also major because it produces not only toxic gases into the air, but its contaminant will destroy the…show more content…
Firstly, air pollution, water pollution, and waste pollution are caused by human activities, it also means that these pollution issues will become more serious with the population continues to grow because everyone on the Earth thinks that their pollution is insignificant to the whole environment. Next, economic growth is also associated with these pollution issues. For example, for the developing countries, economic growth is the embodiment of development. So, they need to continually develop industry. However, while they develop the economy, they neglect the importance of environmental protection. The release of smog in many factories greatly reduce the quality of the air and this behaviour which factories dump the industrial water into river leads to water pollution. In short, economic growth and population problems are link to the environmental

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