Air Polution: The Environment And Natural Nature Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is the condition where there is a big enough quantity of contaminant from other substances in the air especially by the smoke or gases from vehicles, factories and power stations and it effect the health of people or other animals, kill the plants and disrupt other aspect of the environment. There are two types of air pollution which are outdoor air pollution and indoor air pollution. Outdoor air pollution included smog, particulates, and acid rain and greenhouse gases. When discussing about pollution, the first thing that come out in the mind is “pollution happens because of human”. Actually, the pollution not only because of human but it also happen naturally.

Natural source of air pollution are volcanic eruptions and forest fires. Volcanic eruptions happen because of the pressure and density. When there is lower density of magma relative to the surroundings rocks, the magma will rise. As it rise, the bubble are form from the gas dissolved in the magma. The gas bubbles formed gives high pressure and indirectly bring the magma to the surface and forces it in the air. The volcanic eruptions released many gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, smoke, ash and other air pollutants.

Forest fires happen naturally when there is dry lightning without any present of rain or with little present of rain followed with stormy weather disturbance. Lighting randomly strikes the earth. With the present of oxygen, heat and

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