Importance Of Air Traffic Controller Essay

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Getting on a flight is chaotic but what happens when you leave to take off? That is when an air traffic controller takes over their job is to safely guide that plan from airport to airport, This job comes with a major problem because of the importance. An air traffic controller faces a high stress job due to extreme concentration and mental burden, but with proper stress management methods you can help to eliminate the stress. Another bonus to the the job is you get compensated with good pay. The stress of an air traffic controller is partly caused by the concentration required to do you job. In an article talking about some of the most stressful jobs the author says stress caused by long hours of complete and total concentration (Montgomery).…show more content…
as stated by a previous air traffic controller and pilot, "while there’s no denying the nature of our work means lives are on the line, you can’t spend time thinking about it, or it will consume you.”(Vector). This quote lays out the entire carer for us because thought all of this stress and outside forces are making us stressed and unfocused you have to just push through focus and make sure that your job is done correctly and efficiently because if you are distracted thinking how you could screw up you probably will screw up. Adding to the problem of mental burden and thoughts the mental burden increases with as thepointsguy article says Many of our stressers come from things that we have no control over(Vector). So as if being stressed out constantly isn't enough then try adding elements of a job you have no control over that you have to account for and be responsible for. Just reading that should stress you out. And not only are there things you can't control then add in an ever changing work environment in a article by Skybray they basically say Constantly changing needs for processing information make this an extremely stressful job (Bray). No one likes change and constant change isn't good this just helps to add to the overwhelming amount of other factors just stressing your mind
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