Airbags-Personal Narrative

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I was 18 years old, and driving to my friend Naomi’s House. I was going down Academy road, and was listening to my favorite radio station. I came to a stop, at the intersection at Academy and Ventura. I needed to turn, and the light had just turned red. There was a car coming, but I thought that I had enough room to get through, and I was in the right lane, so I could turn. As I began, the car got closer and closer. It began to look almost as if they were speeding. I still thought that I could make it, so I turned. I Hit the car straight on. It flipped twice, then rolled to a stop on its side. My car was jolted to the side, and all the airbags went off. I felt a quick burning on my arm, followed by it going numb. I was trapped, which I figured out a few seconds later.…show more content…
When I came back from my daze, it looked like people were starting to crowd around the other car. There was one man that I saw run up, and something screeched beside him. It looked like a bike, but I wasn’t sure. He sat there, and told me, “It will be ok,” and tried to free me from my seat, but couldn’t. He stayed until my parents and the Paramedics got there, and then went and talked to a police officer. It took a painstaking 20 minutes for the emergency workers to get me out of my seat. I climbed out, and was in tears. My mom grabbed me and got me a blanket to hold onto. The police officer told me what was going to happen, and who was to blame. He couldn’t determine who was to blame because he thought I didn’t have enough room to turn, but the other driver, whose car was totaled, was speeding so we don’t know what happened. My family took me home at this point, so they could comfort me, and make sure I was
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