Airbnb Case Study

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Legal Issue Problem There are a number of legal issues that Airbnb faces on both fronts, domestic and international markets, it is uncertain which laws is violated by Airbnb services. This is due to the location of hosts, depending on that the law would be different from country to country, such as Renting accommodations for less than 30 days is technically illegal in most countries. In regards to this Airbnb must be careful of its rapid expansion, in order to decrease the risks of lawsuits and the pressure from the hotel industry. Airbnb must deal with these issues before it risk losing those business affected. They may need to deal with these issues before continuing to expanding aggressively or implementing new services. Solutions Since the peer-to-peer market is still relatively unknown to the general population, and has yet to be framed. Airnbn should aggressively advertise its business, which could substantially increase untapped domestic customers waiting to lend or rent new accommodations. Furthermore, they could the use resources to develop towards technology or strategies to differentiate Airbnb from its competitors. At the moment only aggressive expansion and first to market mover advances Airbnb from their competitors, Airbnb has no sustainable advantage so developing any edge can is essential for its business. Finally, this would help Airbnb further focus on addressing its domestic legal issues through lobbying or circumvent the problem by avoiding the
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