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Airbnb is the ideal platform for affordable and convenient stay
The San Francisco based private rental property provider, Airbnb is the leading rental company with two million listings in 34,000 cities in one hundred and ninety one countries. The online peer to peer marketplace was founded in August 2008 enables the property owners to list the property for a short period of stay and the guests can book a rental place with much cheaper rate than that of the hotels. For each booking made on the rental platform, the company collects the service fee from both the hosts and the guests.
Growth of the online marketplace
Initially the company was offering short time period for staying and breakfast for the business customers who had a hard time finding
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In a close look at North America, there is a significant difference between the north and the south, where the rental website was cheaper across the cities that were surveyed in the north of San Francisco. However, form Nashville south to Austin the pattern is different because the hotels are cheaper than the Airbnb properties. But the overall analysis shows that the hotel rooms are costlier than the Airbnb…show more content…
Have to pay for several rooms, no common room is offered by the hotels for socializing, share time or for relaxation and it is expensive and not convenient.
A group of nine members planned for a trip to the LA and they booked an expensive hotel, but all the members were not able to fit into one suite and had to take separate rooms which are quite expensive. In this case the rental website, Airbnb was a perfect option because there were many estates, mansions and private apartments available in Hollywood with affordable costs.
The group was able to book a private estate that had a fantastic are for relaxing with a private pool and comfortable for all the members. And these kind of rental property sites offer many deals and discounts for families and large groups.
Expect the unexpected – Best option
The hotels are tied up with reward programs that offer free travel, gifts points and miles or cheap flight trips, but not all the travel locations have hotels tied with such programs and during the public holidays, there are no rooms available in the

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