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Introduction Oil prices have always been an issue of concern to economists, and it is also one of the things with constantly changing price. In recent years, the decline of oil prices has had a huge impact on the world economy, at the same time, the hotel industry had also been affected. The first part will set forth the reason why the oil price went down and what is the influence on hospitality industry: Is it positive or negative for hotel business. Shared economy is a new topic, and has recently been very active in the hospitality industry, and it has significant impact on the hotel industry. The hotel industry should accept it or reject it. The second part of the report will be analyzing of what is sharing economy, the impact of the sharing…show more content…
And jointly enjoy economic dividends. At the present stage, the world has more than tens of thousands kinds of sharing economic companies. They affect people's lives and consumption patterns in various industries. Among them, the largest representative is the transportation industry Uber, and hospitality industry Airbnb. Airbnb, as sharing economy representative of the hotel industry, it is to subvert the traditional hotel industry. The impact of the hotel industry Airbnb and other housing sharing services, such as One Fine Stay, brings the chain effect to affect the traditional hotel industry. Apartments in each city are likely to become traditional hotel’s competitors. In order to confront with Airbnb and other housing sharing services, many of traditional hotels are trying to change. Airbnb, in addition to providing sharing services, also provides those who have same preferences’ people to promote the membership system. Become a member can get the information about the local area, it helps their users to understand the information about the destination. According to the user feedback, this system is rated as one of the main positive aspect of Airbnb…show more content…
Also rooms on Airbnb usually offer more services and functionality than hotel. With the price of a 3-star hotel, people can live in an Airbnb apartment with kitchen, bathroom and balcony. It caused a huge impact on the hotels that has been positioned as mid to low price range. However, for consumers who do not care about the budget, the attractiveness of Airbnb is not large. Especially for the hotel expenses that can be reimbursed for business travelers and tourists who usually choose luxury hotels, to give up the hotel and the choice the Airbnb is almost impossible. So, the impact of the luxury hotel is relatively

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