Aircraft Maintenance Technici A Case Study

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Aviation and Aerospace

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

What do Aircraft Maintenance Technicians do?
An Aircraft or Aviation Maintenance Technician?s primary responsibility is to repair and maintain aircraft and their systems according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. An Aircraft Maintenance Technician may work on several different types of aircraft, while some may specialize in working on a specific part within the aircraft. Day to day duties will involve replacing, repairing, diagnosing, and testing aircraft parts to make sure they meet performance standards.

An Aircraft Maintenance Technician must be able to manage stress well. When a plane or helicopter arrives at an airport,
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They must operate navigational devices while flying as well as communicating effectively with crew members. As such, an Airline Pilot must posses a strong combination of technical and interpersonal skills.

Airline Pilot responsibilities may include:
? Keep and review maintenance logs.
? Perform an overall check of the aircraft before and after every flight.
? Operate navigational devices.
? Communicate clearly and effectively with crew members.
? Communicate a sense of trust and competency to passengers.
? Create a flight plan based on weather, fuel levels, distance, etc.
? Handle emergencies both internal and external as they arise.

Airline Pilots are expected to keep a level head while providing safe passage for their aircraft. In order to effectively provide a safe and pleasant experience, a skilled Airline Pilot will:
? Provide direction and make decisions in case of emergency situations.
? Operate on a strict schedule.
? Follow strict procedures and protocol to ensure the aircraft is safe for take off.
? Stay focused on following the flight plan during long shifts.
? Provide clear and friendly communication as
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What is the difference between Decision Altitude and Decision Height?

If you?re getting ready to interview for a position as an Aircraft Pilot, you can prepare by researching the company as much as possible. Learn about the 9 things you should research before an interview.

Flight Attendant
What does a Flight Attendant do?
A Flight Attendant is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board an aircraft. Flight Attendants are a crucial part of an aircraft?s team and all airlines are required to provide flight attendants for their passengers.?

Flight Attendant positions are a unique combination of customer service and management. They provide customer service to passengers by providing food and drinks, administering first aid as needed, and making sure complaints are dealt with. Additionally, they are also the point of contact for passengers in case of an emergency and it is their job to provide direction through it.

Flight Attendant responsibilities may include:
? Go over evacuation procedures.
? Provide information about the flight, such as projected weather and length.
? Serve food and drinks.
? Help passengers safely stow away luggage.
? Direct passengers in case of emergency.
? Clean the aircraft between
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