Air Travel Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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This IOT based network of Aircrafts can have additional Pros such as:
Optimized routes: Tracking of Aircrafts by other Aircrafts allow them to take "free routes" outside predefined routes. When they are connected to one another and also to the ground station, they will be able to communicate which allows them to calculate ahead of time about where the trajectory of flights intersect. Upon which, collisions can be surmounted. Besides that, taking the 'shortest route' outside the predefined route can reduce the time of travel and also the fuel consumption.
Improved travel experience: SWIM which uses satellite communication is more reliable and secure than current radar systems that use 'Radio frequency'. This makes the Aircrafts to be available exactly on time. By tracking Aircrafts' position, engine performance and other minor changes among the
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With many advancements in technology, everyone demands connectivity everywhere. But Air-travel has been a "phone-free" zone since the introduction of Air-travel. But connectivity inside an Aircraft has become a major requirement, in today's world. This led to "In-Flight WIFI" technology. Few Airlines are providing this facility, since recent past. However, the bandwidth available is very less and also it is more costlier. This is because, Aircrafts cannot always depend on the ground stations for Internet. "GOGO In-flight Internet" is an example for such a service which uses cell phone towers that have been outfitted to point their signals at the sky rather than along the ground. Nevertheless, the total bandwidth for the entire flight is just 3 Mbps (in approx). Whereas, IOT can efficiently make use of satellite communication to provide data connectivity within Aircrafts. This works by the installation of compact Antennas inside the cabin that can act as a router for data transmission which can deliver good performance under reasonable

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