Essay On Aviation Operations

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Airline flight operations are the different processes that manage the airline to ensure safe and efficient flight. Some of the processes include the flight operations policies, procedures and standards in order to meet regulatory requirements, monitoring performance in order to meet all international and government regulations. One of the most important objectives of having airline flight operations is to maintain safety performance in the most efficient way possible. By having this operation, airlines are able to market their “product” and create revenue for their airline. Airline flight operations can be broken down into three subsets and these subsets would help the airline fulfil its responsibility to sell the seats to the passengers by operating and maintaining all of the equipment used to bring success to the airline. The three subsets are ground operations, flight operations and maintenance and engineering. Firstly, the responsibility of the ground operation is to administrate the stations, ground facilities, and support equipment. This includes passenger check-in and boarding. Next, the responsibility of flight operations is…show more content…
I would have the mind-set of preparing for the worst case scenario because I believe that it will minimise the chances of putting the passengers in danger. This is because safety should be the number one thing on their mind. In order to ensure flight safety, efficiency and standardisation, which is one of the objectives of flight operations, I will work together with the Engineering and other departments on aircraft and equipment purchase and maintenance. The next thing I would do is to report all problems. This is because it is a must to report all incidents and accidents. Even when in doubt, it is better to report it than not reporting it as it may jeopardize the
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