Airplane Accomplishments

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An airplane, when prepared to take off, must fight off one of the most well-known and permeating laws that man faces daily. As gravity pushes against the plane’s wings, its engine must churn out enough power and withstand pressure as the speedometer rises to at least one hundred and fifty five miles per hour. One of man’s greatest accomplishments; doing more than touching the sky, but standing upon it. Flashbulbs are like beacons of radiant light in a long tunnel of darkness, and flashbulb memories act in just the same way. Humans go throughout their life from moment to moment and from day to day, but there are certain memories that stand out like lighthouses or a sore thumb. There tends to be a much smaller collection of these that each individual holds within their head and for many Americans who were conscious within the past twenty years, one stands out as a great connector rather than…show more content…
A radical Islamist group, nineteen men separated into groups subdued or murdered their respective crews and took control of two “United Airlines” and two “American Airlines” planes. People were unnerved by their sudden disruption to the relative safety expected upon flights. Air traffic control was able to hear the voice of a hijacker aboard one of the flights, simply explaining that if nobody moves, nobody will be hurt. They repeated that no one ought to make any stupid moves, and that they were to be returning to the airport. The sense of dread felt in each individual was what many more would soon feel. The sense of cruelty that these men had to lie to them may have been even worse though. The planes continued to pick up speed and move towards the terrorists intended destination, but the civilians, with hope, were not expecting it to be anything but the runaway from which they had so recently taken off

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