Airplane Crash Persuasive Speech

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You are the sole survivor of an airplane crash in the middle of the ocean. You manage to inflate the life raft and collect some suitcases, now it’s your mission to survive the ocean and make it back to land. With this guide you will survive and thrive being stranded out at sea.

The very first thing you want to do is empty the suitcase and put any sharp objects inside the suitcase. This will include shoes, glass, metal objects and things alike. This will reduce the chance of accidently popping the raft. Separate all of the cloths into fore piles of denim, cloth, wool and anything else. Turn the cloth into string, than tie the string together to form rope. Using the denim clothing unstitch whatever you can to get as much surface area possible.
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Scavenge around for anything that might be of use like plastic bottles, coconuts, crabs, plastic containers, and anything else that will help. Now that you have collected some highly valuable materials, foods and water flip the raft upside down on the beach to make a hut. This island is where you will be more likely to be rescued by being able to be seen from further away. Start a fire by using one of the flares on some fibers’ husk from a dry coconut, make sure that you have a dry husk and that you have lots of dry wood to fuel the fire later. Boil some salt water in a make shift desalination, using a metal can or coconut shell, palm leafs and another can or bottle, setup in a way that the evaporation from the boiling water will catch on the palm leaves and run down the leaves draining into the catch. This water will still be salty but drinkable. Everyday look around for peace’s of rubber or anything that will make a lot of smoke this could even mean using parts of the life raft. Set a fire ready to light wising rubber, palm and any other waist product. When you are able to so a plane, helicopter or boat light the fire trying to make a signal fire. This pitch-black smoke will allow you to be seen from all direction and from several kilometers away as the smoke
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