Airplane Persuasive Essay

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The airplane is an astonishing invention known to humankind. It was never imagined that it could be possible to imitate the birds in the sky, that was until the year of 1903. The Wright Brothers were the first men to invent the first working aircraft in December 17. Nevertheless the airplane has proven to show many setbacks to harm society. Including health problems with emission from the plane, and pollution to our environment. This has become a huge situation for people everywhere.Could the airplane become one of the worst inventions mankind has created? To begin with, the airplane viewed from the ground appears to be safe, clean, and efficient. But that’s not the case, that white puffy cloud it leaves
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Pollution is the presence into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects.Planes can fly at fantastic speed with no apparent effort, carrying thousands of pound of aluminum and consuming a massive amount of fossil fuel. They dump that amount of fuel and dangerous pollution over our homes and in our atmosphere every day. And this problem will only continue to grow over the years that came. The author Jesse Haff, from the article “Issue Briefing: Impacts of Airplane Pollution on Climate Change and Health”, admitted that airplanes”have three major problems- they are inefficient, really big, and run on toxic fuels.”Airplanes take up so much levels of energy consumption and carbon emission by burning large quantities of toxic jet fuel. Which can cause aviation on global warming. Aviation is currently responsible for an estimated 5% of global climate pollution. “The burning of incredible quantities of toxic fuels has impacts that extend the climate. As soon as airplanes leave the gates, they begin to produce phenomenal amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter, and cancer-causing toxic such as benzene.”(Haff) The pollution travels miles and contributing to asthma, lung and heart disease, and large numbers of cancer.Examples of airports with some of the largest sources of pollutions and
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