Airplane Vs Train Research Paper

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Among the many methods of transportation available to the public, perhaps it is trains and airplanes that are among the most popular. The train or airplane is a very common choice of travel for many people. One may often pick these methods of transportation when driving a car is not ideal for a situation. Trains and airplanes are designed very differently, but both are adequate ways of traveling. Besides travel, both machines are commonly used for many other purposes as well. While they are both very different machines, the many similarities and many differences they share show how both are overall good choices for many situations. Firstly, the train and airplane are similar in that both are often used to travel across state. The airplane is a very common…show more content…
Trains do not have any obstacles in their path, like a car does, and it is not necessary for them to stop periodically. The same applies to planes, as they fly through the air there is no traffic to obstruct their path. They may simply fly unhindered. Although they do not have to stop for traffic, they do have to stop for unforeseen circumstances and keep an eye out for objects. Trains and planes have very different means of moving, a contrasting aspect between the two. Trains run on wheels, whereas planes simply fly through the air, which is made possible by their specialized frame and engine. One last similarity between the train and airplane is that both are two of the few methods of transportation used to carry vast amounts of goods and products for companies. Both carry products from one company to another, or deliver products from another country or state. A difference between them, however, is speed. Trains are known to be slow, whereas a plane can go extremely fast. This gives the plane some advantages over the train when it comes to being in a place at a certain time, or in other speed-related
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