Personal Narrative: A Day At An Airport

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The luminous orb ascended into the sky coloring it with its red beams; it was marking once again the beginning of a new day, an early morning wake up to get to the airport for my flight back home. I got out of the warm, white sheets of the Hilton hotel and into my crisp suit. I made a final inspection of the room ensuring nothing had been left behind and made my way to 207. Nick, as always was late, so I had to deliver my usual morning speech:
‘’Are you ready and packed to leave?”
“John, what are you doing here?”
“How many times will you keep asking me that question, you know I have to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight”
“We have been working together for over 20 years! What difference will it make if we were there a bit later, it is 6
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The commotion was deafening, passengers yelling and screaming, oxygen masks were being dropped onto us; books, newspapers, magazines were flying in all directions, luggage was falling and others were praying. The pilot had requested an emergency landing. The plane took a sharp turn to the left and started heading back towards the airport. He tried to calm us, but he mentioned that we needed to take the brace position, which caused more panic. I was convinced that the plane would explode in mid-air or as we were landing. The word “explosion” was echoing through my mind. My eyes were visualizing that possible phenomenon. There was a sudden dive in altitude it felt like my flesh was going to drop off my body. Outside the window, I suddenly saw in the distance an ‘army’ of fire brigades taking position. “We will be landing shortly”, the pilot announced with fake calmness and the air hostesses vociferously demonstrated how to take a brace position-everyone was terrified. The next five minutes were the longest of my

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