Airport Descriptive Essay

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About 1 a.m, I boarded the plane with my teammates and coaches. With a mixture of excitement and nervousness building in each step, I went through the platform that connects the airport to the most gigantic airplane I’ve ever seen. Looking around, I saw mostly tourists carrying their bags of souvenirs. Weaving through the people, I found my assigned seat next to my teammate Pat. Minutes went by and the large aircraft slowly drove on the runway. When it took off, I felt my heart drop. Later, when it was high up in the air, the plane starting experiencing turbulence due to rapid changing wind speeds and I was panicking in the inside. After it was okay to leave, I stepped out and onto the stairway down, and was immediately met with the coldness of the China air. It was a whole new environment with the temperature, buildings, fogginess, and the absence of warm beaches. Shocked, I saw my breath coming from my mouth and from my surprised teammates. We all took a crowded bus to the another part of the airport, went through immigration, then waited for our bus going to Hebei Langfang. The people were completely different from the folks on Saipan. The two hour drive to the training center consisted of me looking amazingly at the huge buildings and gazing at the evident pollution. Finally, we have entered the facility. “Woah,” was the only thing in my mind, when I saw the soccer fields with great conditions that you wouldn’t find back home. We got off the bus and with our luggage in

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