Airport Marketing Strategy

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“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably
With the start a new year almost upon us, it is a good time to review an airport performance against its marketing strategy. This is best done with a cross-organizational team as a working review session. Every marketing strategy needs to be consistent with the overall business goals of the airport for maximum effectiveness. Strategies must also adjust accordingly to the economic realities of today, including airline industry performance and overall demand for travel.
Developing a marketing strategy is a time-intensive process that leads
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Airport needs to have a current marketing strategy in place that can be regularly reviewed and which keeps up with economic, environmental, and industry issues.
Muscat international airport marketing department often focuses on easily defined objectives, such as growing domestic air carrier options and bringing in more cargo business, and refining the facility 's marketing objectives to reflect current economic conditions, the marketing team also can use more innovative strategic objectives to help to increase the airport 's revenues.
To set marketing Strategy for our new Muscat international airport, we study marketing strategy of other GCC airport for example Dubai international
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• Focusing on passengers.
• Will create exceptional customer experience.
• Will develop Non- aeronautical initiatives.

A Plan for the Muscat international airport serves the Greater Muscat region and surrounding area via air. The airport act as an economic catalyst for the region by facilitating the movement of people goods and ideas. The updated strategic plan recognizes the realities of today and is designed to achieve its vision for the airport.
To be the best airport around the global.
To provide a safe, secure and efficient airport that enhances economic and social benefits for our region.

Marketing objectives are time bound statements of intended future results and general and continuing statements of intended future results. For purposes of this paper, the marketing objectives for the Muscat International airport are as follows:
• Identify those elements of the strategic marketing management process that precede strategic decision-making at the OMIA.
• Identify and address the products and services that exist at OMIA.
• Identify and address the customers and markets that exist at
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