Airport Security Argumentative Essay

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Argument Essay, Airport Security The Transportation Security Administration or TSA’s screening ended up missing 95% of mock explosives and weapons in airports across America in a test that took place in 2015 ,reported Marie Mosca, who also has reported that the TSA is putting on ,quote, “a glorified play” that makes people feel like they are safe, when the people are really keeping the citizens safe are the FBI or Federal Bureau-Investigation and the secret service. Many have heard the name TSA but don’t really know who they are, and what they do. The TSA is an organization that monitors and decides what to add in airport security. They have added rules that require full body screening, only a certain amount of liquid is allowed on flights, and many other questionable rules that have not affected terror rates. Airport security is an intrusive system and corrupt system. The system they use doesn’t work either. It just waste money. However, some people argue that the security is needed and that you can decline the screening if they so choose. The problems still outway the need for safety…show more content…
67 out of 70 fake weapons and explosives were snuck through security in a test. The TSA excels at finding weapons that are accidentally packed said Bruce Schneier an airport security expert. (No More of the Same) This evidence shows the level of security failings that happen all the time. The evidence is showing that the money we are spending on this security. Another example of wasting money and resources is an excerpt from the article No More of the Same, the TSA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a budget of more than $7 billion a year; it also has access to the most advanced scanning technologies money can buy. Critics say it has not foiled a single terrorist plot or caught a single terrorist in the past decade.” (No More of the
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