Aj Miller Divine Truth Analysis

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AJ Miller is a man who goes around saying his is Jesus and convincing people that he knows how to direct a loving relationship with God. He speaks about his first century life and talks about the struggle that people are facing in their day to day life and he makes them leave their families and sell everything they have so they can be with him.
AJ Miller holds "Divine Truth" seminars where he teaches what he calls the "Divine Love Path" which focuses on "Emotional Clearing." He says that this path is emotion rather than mind based and it will create a relationship to God. Millers followers are taught to focus on their most distraught and upsetting emotions. They often express how they are afraid or in fear, during meetings the followers are
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AJ Miller goes on to claim that and earthquake will happen and both east and west coasts of Australia will go under water. Miller also say that cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will no longer exist. The Bible does not speak of such thing and instead it talks about love, forgiveness and acceptance and Miller is making up these Predictions to sound like he knows what will happen in the future to sway his followers. There is no such teaching in the Bible about natural disasters or even the end of the world. Miller says these things to scare people into thinking it is the end of the world, the main victims are the vulnerable ones that believe AJ is actually Jesus.
AJ Miller has tried to isolate himself and his followers from society as what his is doing is wrong and fake. He doesn’t want to be caught out as this is how he gets his money by tricking people into thinking he is Jesus so they give money to him. His followers are buying property near him and AJ is slowly making a little colonial. The fact that people from all over the world come to be with him and leave everything they have including families just to be with him. In the Bible they do not separate themselves or leave their families behind because the Bible says family is
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