Somaliaan Empire Essay

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THE RISE OF AJURAN EMPIRE. Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. During the ancient time, Somalia is one of the most important centre for commerce with the rest of ancient world such as Egypt, Roman and British. This is because according to Charnan Simon , Somalia is the most probable location of the fabled ancient of Land of Punt. Besides, Somalia is also known for its beautiful history in several of powerful empire that dominated the regional trade. Most of Somalia Empire including Ajuran Sultanate, Adala Sultanate, Warsangali Sultanate and Geledi are the most successful empire during the middle age and gives a big impact to the Somalian nowadays. In this assignment I will focusing on the Rise of Ajuran Empire during its…show more content…
It was regarded as the successor to its influence and spearheaded resistance against the Portuguese aggression on the Horn of Africa. Besides, Ajuran became notable and well respected Empire between 1550 until 1650, because using its powerful centralization administration and aggressive army to protect from outsider. The Empire use it military strength to assure security and stability the Empire had remove the infrastructure and had strength declining Indian Ocean Commerce. By this new changes the traders return to the kingdom from Africa, Arabia, India and China. As a result the profits from the Ajuran Empire had made, it was use to commission project such as castle, and fortress. Other landmark architectures are still standing until today as a historical sites only. No matter how powerful or strong the Empire is until it can be ruled for 3-4 century or much longer, the Empire will collapse by any reason for instance the ruler is not qualified to be a leader. From the collapse of Ajuran Empire in the beginning of 18th century several smaller kingdom such as Gobroon Dynasty, Warsanggali Sultanate, and Bari Dynasty exist and it became a successful
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