Ajuran Empire

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THE RISE OF AJURAN EMPIRE. Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. During the ancient time, Somalia is one of the most important centre for commerce with the rest of ancient world such as Egypt, Roman and British. This is because according to Charnan Simon , Somalia is the most probable location of the fabled ancient of Land of Punt. Besides, Somalia is also known for its beautiful history in several of powerful empire that dominated the regional trade. Most of Somalia Empire including Ajuran Sultanate, Adala Sultanate, Warsangali Sultanate and Geledi are the most successful empire during the middle age and gives a big impact to the Somalian nowadays. In this assignment I will focusing on the Rise of Ajuran Empire during its…show more content…
Most of Ajuran trading product are golds, silk, coin from other Empire and animals such as horse and sheep. The trading activities was a strategic place because it was located at junction of some of the busiest medieval trade routes. Moreover, Ajuran Empire and its partner were active participants in the East African gold trade, Silk Road commerce, trade in the Indian Ocean, and commercial enterprise as far as East Asia. Trading routes from the ancient and early medival period of Somali maritime were strengthen. The harbour became much busier because of the foreign trade and commerce in the coastal provinces increasing with Ship sailing to and coming from Myriad Kingdom and Empire in East Asia, Southeast, Europe and East…show more content…
The war started during the European age of discovery brought Europe’s the Portuguese empire to the coast of east Africa. The Wealthy city of Kilwa, Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu were all systematically slacked and plunder by the Portuguese. But Portuguese leader Tristoa da Cunta set his eyes on Ajuran territory, where the battle of Barawa was fought. Then, Ajuran had cooperation with the Ottoman Empire to fight against the Portuguese invasion. The Ajuran and Ottoman offensive successfully drive out the Portuguese from several important cities such as Pate, Mombasa and Kilwa. The cooperation between Ajuran and Ottoman against the Portuguese in the Indian Ocean reached a high point in the 1580s. It occur when Ajuran partners of the Somali coastal cities began to sympathize with the Arabs and Swahilis under the Portuguese rule and sent an envoy to the Turkish corsair Mir Ali Bey for a joint expedition against the Portuguese. He then agreed and was joined by a Somali fleet, began to attacking the Portuguese colonies in Southeast

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