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Akeelah is an 11-year-old girl who lost her father, who she has inherited her love of words from. Akeelah doesn’t really come from a good neighborhood or a two-parent household. But she soon is thrown into a setting where her love for words will benefit her and give hope for her school and her neighborhood. Akeelah’s school and neighborhood is kind of on the poor, rough, urban side of town. In the movie, Akeelah wonders why she would want to represent a school that can 't even put doors on the toilet stalls. But she doesn’t realize that must students don’t do well since they have the label of the ghetto that label makes them believe that’s how that have to act ‘ghetto’. Most ‘ghetto’ people are referred to as uneducated and have poor speech.
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His father that he may come off a bit rude, overly pressures Dylan. But him and Akeelah benefit off of each other help Akeelah and help her spell a word that she got wrong. She missed a word on purpose so she can let Dylan win when she knew the correct spelling. She did this out of the kindness in her heart because she wanted him to be able to please his father. But Dylan did want to take the win because he wanted her to try her best. This shows the friendship and the relationship of trust and wanting others to succeed, this is a relationship we should all learn from.
Akeelah has developed many things on her journey; some things that master students should get from watching the movie. Like developing confidence to get up in front of a crowd, Akeelah gained confidence to express the fact that she was intelligent and not be embarrassed. She also handed being overwhelmed well, in which we all know learning a 2o words is hard and stressful, but think about the fact that she had to learn around 5oo words. We can’t let that hold us back we got to keep on pushing forward to succeed and along the way we will learn from everyone around us and help others and ourselves along the

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